Our Privacy Statement


We take the security and our use of your personal data very seriously.

We do not collect data we don’t need, or store it for longer than we need it.

We store all data securely on password- encrypted hard drives or in a locked safe.

We never share your personal details with anyone else.


Why we collect your data and what we do with it:

Our users:

We are providing a community service and we need to report how many and what kind of people use us, to prove we are being effective. We report anonymous user numbers annually to our umbrella charity, St Catherine’s Church, and to Lewisham Council, from whom we rent our building. We ask people to sign-in with their details on a daily basis to be able to do this. We ask for child’s DOB and parents phone number in case of emergency in a session and destroy this information at the end of the month when the attendance data is inputted.

We use anonymous statistics about users to apply for grants and / or funding. We collect sensitive data because there may be some specific streams of funding available for certain categories of personal data e.g. postcode/ ethnicity, which our community may benefit from. We ask for consent to collect and store this information on our registration forms.

We have an opt-in mailing list about our activities and fundraisers, which we ask people if they want to join on the registration form. Using this, we contact our community about the  resources and activities we are offering so that our community makes the most of us. We also advertise our fundraisers to draw in support to develop the Playclub and make it an even better resource.


Our volunteers:

Our volunteers go through a recruitment process and it is important we check their suitability for the role. We keep their details as it is important that we are able to communicate with them efficiently.


Friends of Playclub:

We receive no statutory funding. Our Friends scheme is membership of the club and is designed to create a community of financial supporters from loyal users past and present. We also ask people to become a ‘Friend’ of Playclub’ for one year as a condition of hiring the venue for a party. We collect our Friends’ details so that we may contact them about future fundraising.


Your right to your data

You have a right to ask to see or withdraw your data from us at any time at telegraphhillplayclub@gmail.com.

If you have given us permission for us to send you emails about our volunteer activities, fundraising and events, you can opt out at any time by emailing or writing to us.